The Waterfront, Dar-es-salaam – Part II


Part II of exploring Dar-es-salaam was at The Waterfront, near Hotel Slipway. Dar-es-Salaam happens to be one of the few towns in Africa that borders the Indian Ocean.

The place is open to the public at no cost whatsoever. It is an ideal place to just hang out with friends as you enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean.

The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_
In addition, it has a great view of the city as well.

The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-17
The place also serves as a harbour for both private and public boats.

The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-8The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-12The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-29The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-30The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-43The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-46The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-47The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-49The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-50
Fishing also takes place here, from fish to crabs to squids to mention but a few. Occasionally, if you are lucky enough, you’ll witness birds feeding on these creatures from time to time, as is the cycle of life.

The Waterfront, Dar-es-Salaam_-9

A fishing basket A fishing basket

A fisherman returning to shore A fisherman returning to shore

Cheche assisting the fisherman secure his canoe to the post by the shore Cheche assisting the fisherman secure his canoe to the post by the shore

A squid that was caught by the fisherman. Two of these go for tshs.10,000 A squid that was caught…

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All Kenyan Children Should Afford Acting as a Career

Lupita+Nyong+ Today I watched my friend Willis Raburu interview Attorney General Prof. Githu Muigai in the on-going Citizen TV series, Newsmakers. During the interview, the AG noted that his youngest son is currently studying film production. He did not say where, but it is more than likely that his son is studying in Europe or North America. Raburu’s interview with the AG reminded me of an observation I have been making for some time now. It is only the children of Kenyan elites who have the privilege of pursuing careers in the creative arts. Think about it. Lupita Nyong’o, daughter of long-time politician Prof. Anyang’ Nyong’o, holds a Masters in Acting from the Yale School of Drama as well as a Bachelors in Acting and Film Production also from a North American university. Muhoho Kenyatta, the 18-year old son to President Uhuru Kenyatta, owns a successful fashion and design company, yet…

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A Question Unaswered

Have you ever had a moment in life when happiness was a default emotional setting, for a moment in your life, for a very short period of your existence, when all you looked forward to was the sunrise, smelling the fresh scent of morning dew waft through your nose and fill your lungs. When you looked forward to hearing the birds chirp merrily…and for a second you felt free, you felt as if you woke up with wings, wings wide enough to cast a shadow over your fears, over your blemishes and dark secrets. Wings long enough to soar you past your limits, past your failures,to new heights unimaginable.

Then, just as sudden as the burst of happiness suffices, its taken. No. Snatched. Grabbed from your possession. And you are left empty. Confused. Angry. Angry at yourself. Angry at your vulnerability. Angry at the world. Angry at every bit of happiness to ever exist.

Your crime? Loving your wings too much. Jealously guarding your new found freedom. And trying to get into good graces with the giver of your freedom. The goddess; who saw a caged bird and let it free; who healed your broken will and mended your punctured soul; who nurtured your heart until it blossomed.

The same goddess who showed you mercy, and kindness, and love, is the same goddess who showers you with spite, anger and violence, with hate.
She makes you a prisoner to your own heart. To your own cravings. To your desires and lusts. And you long to feel free again. You long to soar once more. You long to feel mortal and indestructible. You long to have a moment with your goddess, look at her, touch her, feel her breath upon your face.

But she stands high before you. Like a master to his slave. Surrounded by walls so high. Guarded by her principles and morals, and a noble name. You call out her name, hoping to feel the warmth of her smile on your face. But dreams are meant to be dreamt, and your reality haunts you to the very last. All she does is turn away, GIVING UP; as the bird she once let free withers and fails.

These moments are never meant to last. But funny enough they do. These moments are meant to make you learn, but you still make the same mistakes over and over again. Yes. We all do. Because we are weak. And vulnerable. That’s just how we are, no matter how strongly you may deny it.

Yes. Of course. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a virtue. But what do we do when we are not happy. When we are not optimistic. When life gives you lemons, but you don’t know how to make lemonade. What do we do then……?

Please give me an answer if you can.

Laugh Away Your Worries

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the song Don’t Worry Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin, if you haven’t, you should really think about the kind of childhood you had. Bobby in his song is a care-free dude with an over-grown beard and in a white linen suit. Just thinking about it makes me roll on the floor :’D. Him, Robin Williams and Bill Irwin star in this video as overly ecstatic hippies – they look stoned to the moon – with a knack of idiocy trying to portray that it’s never as serious as it may seem.

Since I joined Law school, it has not been a stroll in a garden of roses, I have to say. Actually, it has been a tumble in a cactus forest. With all the assignments to do and articles to write plus all the boring lectures you have to persevere. It has only been three months, ironically. I have been told it gets easier, but its hard to believe that your first year, first semester in Law school is as hard as it gets. Especially now that exams are just a few days away. (sarcastic laugh) I’m having sleepless nights and long daytimes, all in the name of The Law. This is when you start questioning whether you made the right choice career wise ;-P. But the three months have been the most eventful. Met new people: Yes; made new friends:Yes; made a NEW friend: Almost; started a new hobby: Yes. I can admit that although I have worked pretty hard, I have also played pretty hard too.Therefore, I conclude, it’s never that serious! Life is like sailing, there are some pretty heavy waves, but when its calm and subtle, all you will have is a scenic orgasm. So don’t worry, just be happy. Next time your pockets run dry like the Sahara, don’t worry, just get a loan and plan your finances. Next time you have love issues, just get a rebound, it happens to everyone. Next time you get caught drink-driving, do not worry, the cop is probably more drunk than you are. Next time you get to an exam and you are realize you are the only one not busy writing, now you can get worried, haha. Live::laugh::love::Life. Wish me luck on those exams… although I don’t really need it. ;P .